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  • Emirates launches new first cabin


    Emirates Airways continues to push barriers and provide highest levels of service and comfort for its passengers. At this year’s Dubai Air Show, Emirates made several major announcements including the commitment to purchase 40 787-10 Boeing Dreamliners at a cost of $15 bn. They also unveiled its new first class suite.... read more

  • Airline industry Trends


    We are living in fast paced environment where time is the essence. Reducing travel time is certainly a much sought after goal. Imagine being able to travel to New York in the morning, attend a meeting or two, have lunch and be back for evening dinner! Advancements in aviation will soon make that possible as crossing the Atlantic will take no longer than 3 hours, thus reducing the current time by more than half. But this will come at a cost and initially only viable for the business and first class passengers. Airline industry is growing so fast with new trends.. read more

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