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Travel Tips For Caribbean Business Class Travellers : Family Holidays

Now that you’ve booked your Caribbean Business Class Flights and planned for family holidays, you can get down to the very serious business of planning your trip away. Before you head off anywhere, it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research into your chosen destination so you know what to expect and are certain that you won’t fall foul of any customs and cultures – and so that you know what to pack! Here are a few top tips to help. Contact us to book our business class flights to caribbean and get amazing discounts.


It’s likely to be very sunny in the Caribbean so make sure you pack accordingly. Yes, you might want to wear jeans and a jumper when getting on the business class plane but perhaps put some lightweight shorts and a T-shirt in your bag so you can change on the plane or when you get there – otherwise you could easily overheat!

Skirts, dresses, shorts and polo shirts should be in your bag, as well as comfy shoes, sandals, water shoes and a pair of smarter ones in case you want a fancy evening out. Don’t forget your swimsuit and a light jacket as it could rain a bit. Other must-haves include sun cream, sunglasses, a hat, bug spray and a lip balm with SPF in it. Book your comfortable Business Class Flights to Carribean and get special discounts.

What not to do

Don’t go topless on your holiday as this is illegal on a lot of the islands – and remember when packing your suitcase that camouflage clothing is also considered an offence in many areas. If you’re at the beach, swimwear is obviously fine but always cover up to go around the shops or walking in the streets.

If it’s raining, avoid Manchineel trees as these are incredibly poisonous and any drips coming down from the leaves could cause blisters on your skin. But luckily, these trees are often marked out with safety warnings so they’re easy to spot.

When in the water snorkelling or diving, avoid touching the coral so that you don’t damage it. Take off any jewellery before you go in the water as shiny objects can attract barracudas! And look out for green seaweed as they often harbour sea lice which can cause allergic reactions.

Travel insurance and Business Class Flights to Carribean

As always, wherever you go, check that your travel insurance covers you and your family for excursions and adventurous activities, as policies don’t always include this as standard.

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